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Rethink Outside

Let's Tell a New Story

The Issue

Everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy time outdoors, and the more people connect with nature the more we all benefit. When more people have meaningful experiences outdoors, their quality of life, health, and social well-being improve and in turn their communities become stronger and more sustainable.


We Believe

  • All people should have the opportunity to have positive experiences outdoors, regardless of where they live or their social or economic status.
  • When we make the benefits of outdoor experiences accessible to everyone, everywhere, we build stronger connections and communities.
  • The health and wellbeing of people and their communities are improved when people connect and thrive outdoors.
  • Young people deserve opportunities to learn in, thrive in, and appreciate the outdoors, so they can become informed and engaged champions for our natural world.
  • Time spent in nature positively contributes to human well-being, providing a respite from the stress of modern life.


The Swantz Family Foundation Pledge to Rethink Outside

The Swantz Family Foundation recently became a proud partner of Rethink Outside! Rethink Outside is a new campaign to challenge and transform prevailing notions around time spent in nature, and champion the benefits of time spent outdoors as a basic human right. Rethink Outside partners are united in a shared vision of a future where everyone has positive experiences outdoors and shares the joy, health, growth, and sense of community that come with it. Rethink Outside mobilizes funders, organizations, and individuals to tell a new story and bring the promise of healthy communities to all.


Learn more at rethinkoutside.org, where you can read inspiring stories, access communications tools and resources, and make your own pledge to join the movement and open doors to positive, rewarding experiences outdoors for all people.

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